God’s Permaculture – Work it, Cultivate It and Use It Wisely!

Permaculture, the Bible says: “The Lord God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it”    

We all need the Earth to stay healthy to survive, as God provided us with all the resources we need right here.  God ejected man from the Garden of Eden for Adam and Eve’s sin, but that does not mean he left us high and dry. He gave us land and the ability to grow so that we could provide for everyone that lives on the planet. If you think “Going Green” is something new, take a look at your Bible. There is verse after verse caring for the environment and all of God’s Creation.  

Earthkeeping and Character
How virtue ethics can enrich Christian environmentalism.

Exploring a Christian Ecological Virtue Ethics
Addressing a topic of growing and vital concern, this book asks us to reconsider how we think about the natural world and our place in it.

Steven Bouma-Prediger brings ecotheology into conversation with the emerging field of environmental virtue ethics, exploring the character traits and virtues required for Christians to be responsible keepers of the earth and to flourish in the challenging decades to come.

He shows how virtue ethics can enrich Christian environmentalism, helping readers think and act in ways that rightly value creation.

Virtue Ethics can enrich Christian environmentalism

Miracles of God’s Seeds
How to Start Seedlings in a Cold Frame

Are you ready to get a jump-start on the gardening season? What is a cold frame? It is a four-sided frame of boards with a removable glass or plastic top. The biggest advantage of growing with a cold frame is that your plants can get in the soil right away, their roots are not constricted in trays. It harnesses the sun’s heat before it’s warm enough to let unprotected seedlings growing outside.

Eliot Coleman gives insights on cold frame gardening. It serves as a greenhouse for starting seedlings. A cold frame is an ideal place to start growing. You will find it so simple and successful that you will never go back to flats on windowsills.

How to Start Seedlings

Permaculture & Homesteading

What does Homesteading mean? Completely self-sufficient households that may grow their own food or use solar energy, a lifestyle with a commitment to self-sufficiency. Permaculture: the development of agricultural ecosystems intended to be sustainable and self-sufficient. They work together hand and hand.

Are you thinking about building a permaculture homestead? Knowledge is power and success. Since 1984, Chelsea Green has been the leading publisher of books about organic farming, gardening, homesteading, integrative health, natural building, sustainable living, and more.

Highly qualified authors bring in-depth, practical knowledge to life, and give readers hands-on information related to organic farming and gardening, ecology and the environment, healthy food, sustainable economics, progressive politics, and, most recently, integrative health and wellness.

Permaculture & Homesteading is a cultural change. It is a purpose is to reverse the destruction of the natural world by challenging the beliefs and practices that are enabling this destruction and by providing inspirational and practical alternatives that promote sustainable living.

International orders can be placed by phone (802-295-6300) or email.

God’s Design for Science

Plants, Animals, and the Human Body
Educate Your Children
Life Collection for Beginners teaches Bible-affirming life science to K-2nd graders. Help your children discover God’s creation as they explore the amazing plants, animals, and the human body He created. 

God’s Design For Science

Experience A Different Shade of Green

How and Why Should Christians Care for the Environment? So much of what we hear regarding the environment is couched in secular philosophies and ideas. You will learn the compelling Christian approach to biodiversity, life cycles, and the environment, offering solutions and correcting errors while teaching us how to give thanks for and rule over all of creation. 

We have been shockingly bad at using our Bibles and our brains when it comes to conservation and the environment. Unhinged environmentalism is not the answer, but neither are ignorance and apathy. It’s time for something different. Christian responsibility for the natural world goes back to the very beginning, when God commanded us to “fill the earth and subdue it.” 

A Biblical Approach to Environmentalism and the Dominion Mandate


Green Mama
The Guilt-Free Guide to Helping You and Your Kids Save the Planet

Moms need a resource like Green Mama to remind them that green living is not another chore but an invitation to a creative partnership with God. Tracey brings green living within reach for every overtired, overstressed, and overwhelmed mom. She shares her stories of successes and failures in saving the planet and inspiring her kids to love God’s green earth. With creative tips, tricks, and resources. Homeschool Online Elective

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