Family of six playing a connect game in living room as part of their Christian Family Enjoyment activities.

Christian Family Happiness Matters

Christian Family Happiness brings feeling of great pleasure and happiness. It helps families grow in God’s love. Happiness is a by-product from God. 

Materialism, a tendency to consider material possessions and physical comfort as more important than spiritual values. It is not that we cannot have material things, but the obsession of acquiring personal stuff and placing it first in your life is a dangerous thing for the Christian.

There is nothing better for a man, than that he should eat and drink, and that he should make his soul enjoy good in his labour. This also I saw, that it was from the hand of God, Ecclesiastes 2:24.

If materialism could or would ever be able to satisfy anyone, it would have been Solomon, the richest king the world has ever known. Being obsess or fascinated with anything other than God is sinful and is displeasing to God. Enjoy Life in Jesus Christ!


Christians are supposed to be happy. In fact, we are supposed to radiate joy, peace, and contentment that is so unmistakable and so attractive that others are naturally drawn to us because they want what we have. And yet, in today’s culture, the vast majority of Christians are perceived as angry, judgmental people who don’t seem to derive any joy from life whatsoever.

The Bible says, “Rejoice, again I say rejoice!” So why are Christians perceived as joyless and judgmental? Challenging the notion that God wants us to be holy and not happy, Alcorn draws on Scripture to dispel centuries of misconceptions and provide evidence that God not only wants us to experience contentment, delight, and peace—he commands it! The most definitive study on the subject of happiness to date, this book is a paradigm-shifting wake-up call for the church and Christians everywhere.


American Family Survival Emergency Kits

American Family Safety Offers Quality Survival Emergency Kits For Your Protection

Expect the unexpected. Your family needs an emergency survival kit to prepare for life’s unanticipated disasters. Here in America, we help our neighbors, our friends and – of course – our families, in the face of adversity. But in recent years, it seems as though the challenges are confronting us more and more frequently. Hurricanes, floods, forest fires. Tornadoes and mud slides. Terrorism, and even the threat of nuclear attack. Once these problems arise, it’s often too late to take the precautions you need to keep your family safe. Fortunately, there is a family-owned company that has dedicated itself for three generations to sharing these values.

Survival Emergency Kits

Kids Learn God’s Word When They Sing God’s Word 

The Singing Bible: The Fun and Easy Way to Learn Scripture

Your kids can enjoy 50 funtastic songs to sing along with that put Scripture to music and are easy to learn. Tongue twisters and catchy lyrics make learning and understanding God’s Word both entertaining and packed with praise in this 4-CD collection!


Christian Family Happiness Matters – Prayers for Marriage.

Prayers for marriage. Cheri Fuller’s Bible is sprinkled with dates and names beside verses, a record of the many prayers she’s offered up for her husband and their marriage. Those hundreds of prayers have truly been transformational—filling her with faith instead of doubt and fear, even in the hardest circumstances.

Now she encourages husbands and wives everywhere to strengthen your relationship with each other—and with God—as you love your spouse through prayer.

Unsure how to pray for your spouse? Using the Bible as a guide, Fuller walks you through simple, effective ways to pray in any situation. This book also packs life-changing true stories, actual relationship-transforming prayers, inspirational quotes, a full discussion guide for groups, creative marriage-building ideas, and room to write your own prayers into very readable, marriage-affirming chapters.

It’s for every spouse and every couple—young or old; newlywed, long-wed, or engaged; struggling or simply wanting to improve an already good relationship. Open up these pages and let Cheri Fuller motivate you to make the most of one of the best gifts God ever gave your marriage: Prayers for marriage

Happiness Is Pets!

Dog Training: Transform Your Dog’s Behavior!

Transform Your Family’s Life!

Discover the online program that more than 57,000 dog owners have used to rapidly transform their dog into a well-behaved, obedient furry friend. Dog Training at it’s Best.

Feel Like You’ve Tried Everything and You’re About to Give Up?
If you’ve used other training methods without seeing the results you were looking for then you know how frustrating it can be. Whether you’ve tried listening to recommendations from a friend or spent hours trawling through the Googles, every training method seems to be too hard to implement, you don’t have enough time, or they just do not work. 

Dog Training

At-Home Treatment for Children with Anxiety

Alternative to Medication
Many parents are reluctant to use medication with their children.
An award-winning audio program that will teach your child what anxiety is, how it works, and how to overcome it. Turnaround is practical, affordable and proven effective

The Turnaround anxiety program is kid-friendly, professionally developed, and proven effective in helping children overcome their anxious fears. Award-Winning Child Anxiety Treatment Program.

Anxiety disorders are on the rise and affect up to 20% of kids. Turnaround was developed as a way to directly treat children quickly, creatively and effectively.   It will teach your child what anxiety is, how it works, and how to overcome it. Turnaround is truly a unique program because it speaks directly to your child, it can be used at home, is available immediately and proven effective. Children with Anxiety

The Dandelion Seed: A Life Cycle Nature Book for Kids
(Plants For Children, Science For Kindergarten) 

In The Dandelion Seed, kids learn the life cycle of a plant, but this dandelion seed is special. Readers follow a beautiful story of life’s journey―a journey that brings change and growth. A journey of a tiny dandelion seed who was afraid to let go.

A dandelion can teach much about seeds and seasons and cycles, and the big world that a wind-blown seed can travel, but it also can make us appreciate the challenges it must overcome. This gorgeous book The Dandelion Seed is at once simple and profound. You may be surprised and pleased by the life’s journey questions and observations of your children after reading this together.

Great for parents or giftgivers looking for a:
graduation gift
gift for the new school year
book to provide inspiration

The Dandelion Seed

Is my Marriage over?

Make a comeback from Surviving to Thriving! Marriage Advice on Making Your Marriage Strong!
Your marriage is vital to you. With this audiobook just lay back and close your eyes and allow full concentration to absorb what you about to learn and find hope.
Let’s face it: marriage and the home have altered drastically through the years. Men are afraid to be men. Women ashamed of being women. Children are unsure of who’s in charge. Blended and not-so-well-blended families. Homes that have become battlegrounds. And all of it so unstable.

How to save your marriage? Beloved pastor and Bible teacher Chuck Swindoll offers a refreshing dose of hope and practical help for marriage. His wise advice, based on the Bible and his own fifty-year marriage, shows you how to move your marriages from just surviving to actually thriving. And that target can be hit dead-center if we rely on God and His Word as our marriage counselor.

My Marriage Surviving to Thriving

Organic Storehouse – The Ultimate Green Store 

This Ultimate Green Shopping Experience brings you the finest in eco-friendly, organic, healthy, sustainably made products and goods for you, your home, and your family. Organic bedding – from sheets to mattress toppers, mattress pads, comforters, and pillows – Organic baby products, pajamas, and bathrobes or recycled glassware.

The Ultimate Green Store is your one-stop green shopping destination for home, office, and everyone in the family! As the ultimate web-based destination for eco-conscious shoppers, The Ultimate Storehouse provides a collection of the finest green products in high-demand categories such as home and garden, office, baby, kids, pets, bath and beauty, clothing, bags, gifts, and solar products! 

Organic Bedding

Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew Alphabet

Beautifully illustrated by Johanna Bluedorn, this sweet baby’s board book teaches the basics of the Hebrew Alphabet. The twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet are written in large font with the English pronunciation explained alongside each letter; an illustration accompanies each example to help children remember its sound. Steps to write each letter are included as well. 24 board book pages. 7″ x 5″ size makes it perfect for little hands.

Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew Alphabet


Bring your family closer together by spending time with one another. Games, Devotions, Crafts, Puzzles, Cooking, and watching movies are a few suggestions to get you started.

Psalm 91 for Mothers
God’s Shield of Protection for Your Children

Did you know there is a place in God–a secret place–for those who want to seek refuge? It is a haven of physical safety and security that God tells us about in the Ninety-First Psalm, the one place in the Bible where all of the protection promises of God are brought together.

Blessed assurance for parents, teachers, and others who love children! Offering an in-depth look at Psalm 91, explaining verse by verse God’s promises of protection, provision, and blessing to encourage you to trust God’s promises to protect, provide for, and bless the youngsters in your care—and teach them to call upon the Lord whenever they’re anxious or afraid.

Covers topics such as:
Accessing God’s shelter in times of danger
Protection from evils over which we have no control
Intervention of God’s angels on your child’s behalf
Teaching your child to call on God for protection

Psalm 91 for Mothers

Family Study:
The Complete 25-Part Series on 5 DVDs True History 

The Training You Need to RECLAIM Liberty
The Constitution is the cornerstone for American freedoms. Ensure you fully understand the history, weight, and importance of this unique document in Michael Farris’ Constitutional Literacy 25-part DVD series. Lectures cover its creation, the powers it grants, the second amendment, due process, international law, commerce and general welfare clauses, abortion “rights,” “Homosexual ‘rights,'” and more. 25 episodes on 5 DVDs. Run time 8 hours and 20 minutes.

Family Study: Constitutional Literacy DVDS

Family Matters

Declaring the Word of God over your family is one of the most powerful forces to communicate truth, vision, and the power of God’s grace. Death and life are in the power of the tongue and they that love it shall eat the fruit thereof, Prov 18:21 Your tongue can be used for happiness by speaking a blessing or to cause death by speaking a curse. We remind ourselves of how God sees a person when we use Scripture to declare a blessing.

Blessing Your Family

Your eye contact is very important when your face shines upon your family. They know you are enjoying being with them and they know they have favor in your eyes. Children are always searching a parent’s countenance to see if they are in good standing. Speaking a simple blessing, such as Numbers 6:23-26, and using the other components of eye contact and tone of voice is one way for any mom and dad to fulfill their role as parents, 1 Thess 2:11. Blessing your family will help them be able to experience God’s love, their worth to God, and their identity in Christ.

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The more of Jesus you place into your heart the more darkness is pushed out.

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