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God's Inspiration Causes Shalom

What does it mean to have God’s Inspiration and Shalom in Your Life? Supernatural Peace comes Only from God.

Shalom is an Awe-Inspiring Lifestyle. It is a manifestation of God’s Grace. This Abounding Peace Has Power!

What exactly is shalom according to God’s Word? The root meaning in Hebrew is “to be whole.” To be whole has many facets. It is completeness, tranquility, prosperity, perfectness, fullness, health, and much more.

satan’s pride and conceit considers himself to be the equal of the Most High God. His main objective is to dethrone God and defraud His kingdom. satan has come to kill, steal, and destroy all people and more so all believers in God, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit. There is a constant war against your peace.

Prepare yourself to combat Satan’s lies by comparing them to God’s Truth as revealed in the Bible. mobileShalom offers many Truth resources to help win this battle and live in Shalom.

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Confess: Today I see myself as an overcomer because greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world, 1 John 4:4.

The Mouth Is Connected To The Heart

The mouth is connected to the heart. The Word of God released from your mouth will be planted in your heart. Faith is released from your mouth. The mouth can only release what is in your heart. Faith in your heart that is proclaimed through your mouth can move mountains.

Inspiration Motivation Preparation

God's Inspiration to Accomplish Spiritual Maturity.

Power Christian Homeschool
Prepare Your Child for Eternity

What is Shalom?
Life Changing Peace Within

Bible Studies
Inspire Your Soul

God’s Permaculture
Cultivate It and Use It Wisely

Amazing and Dynamic Walk
Extraordinary and Remarkable

Christian Family Happiness
Families grow in God’s love

Insightful Essence
About Us

Be Born Again
Transition from death to Life 

Call or Text Someone Today and Tell Them You Love Them
The more of Jesus you place into your heart the more darkness is pushed out.

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