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About Us - Welcome to mobileShalom

About Us: Our mission is to spread the Gospel so that God’s glory may be magnified through His son, Jesus Christ. We aim to share the message of salvation and redemption, guiding others towards a deeper understanding of God and the eternal significance of Christ’s sacrifice.

By illuminating the path to spiritual enlightenment and moral righteousness, we endeavor to bring forth a profound awakening within the hearts and minds of our audience, fostering a transformative journey towards a life rooted in faith, hope, and love. Through our efforts, we aspire to kindle a fervent devotion to the teachings of Christ, inspiring a harmonious communion with God and a resolute commitment to embodying His virtues in our daily lives.  

Unveiling the mobileShalom Vision

Welcome to a reflection on the mission of mobileShalom and the essence of spreading the Gospel. In this profound spiritual journey, we endeavor to unravel the truth and significance of God’s vision for humanity, embracing the transformative power of Jesus and the Word of God.

As we navigate through the complexities of a lost world, our exploration encompasses the divine call to share the Good News and uphold the principles of Shalom. This contemplation delves into the dichotomy between unbelievers and Christians, shedding light on the profound concept of being born-again and the enduring pursuit of truth in a world rife with moral and spiritual challenges. 

Understanding the mobileShalom Vision

The Core Mission
The mobileShalom vision is rooted in the core mission of spreading the Gospel and the Word of God to the lost world. It is driven by the deep understanding of the dire need to reach out to unbelievers and even strengthen the faith of Christians.

Our vision endeavors to embody the teachings of Jesus, carrying the Good News and the truth of God’s love and grace to every corner of the earth. This mission is deeply rooted in the desire to see the Shalom of God transform lives and bring wholeness to the brokenhearted.

Bridging the Gap
At the heart of our vision lies the imperative to bridge the gap between the lost world and the message of hope. It seeks to connect with individuals who are seeking spiritual fulfillment, guiding them toward the path of truth and everlasting peace. This vision is to serve as a beacon of light, illuminating the way for those who are wandering in darkness.

Through our vision, the aim is to facilitate the process of transformation, encouraging unbelievers to be born-again in Spirit and truth and Christians to embrace their Spiritual growth.

The Foundations of Faith
In understanding the core principles of our Vision, it is essential to recognize the central role of God. The Vision is grounded in the belief in the Almighty as the creator and sustainer of all life. This foundational understanding shapes the approach and execution of the Vision, infusing it with a sense of reverence and devotion towards the divine.

The Role of God in the mobileShalom Vision
God is the source of all truth and goodness. Our Vision seeks to spread the gospel and the word of God to illuminate the path towards spiritual fulfillment and enlightenment. The Vision acknowledges God as the ultimate authority and seeks to align its efforts with His divine will.

The Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ
At the heart of our Vision lies the profound impact of the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. His embodiment of love, compassion, and sacrifice serves as the guiding light for the Vision’s mission to spread the good news and truth. The Vision strives to emulate the example set by Jesus Christ, embodying his teachings in every aspect of its outreach and interactions.

The Power of Being Born-Again
Being born-again represents a transformative experience, a spiritual rebirth that forms the cornerstone of this Vision. It signifies a profound awakening to the truths of the gospel and a renewed commitment to live in accordance with God’s will.

The Vision embraces the transformative power of being born-again, recognizing it as a catalyst for personal and collective spiritual growth.

In essence, the foundations of faith within our Vision are deeply rooted in the acknowledgment of God’s supremacy, the reverence for the life and teachings of Jesus Christ, and the transformative power of being born-again. These principles serve as the bedrock upon which the Vision’s mission to spread the gospel and bring forth shalom to a lost world is firmly built.

In a world filled with uncertainty and doubt, our Vision stands as a beacon of hope and truth. The message of God’s love, as demonstrated through Jesus, is one that must be shared with unwavering conviction. It is our responsibility as Christians to spread the Gospel, to proclaim the Word of God, and to bring the Good News to a lost world.

The call to Jesus Christ, shalom, peace and wholeness, resonates not only with believers but also with unbelievers who are seeking solace in a chaotic world. It is through our collective efforts that the Truth of God’s love can reach every corner of society, touching the lives of those who are in need of spiritual nourishment.

As Christians, we are called to embody the principles of Shalom, to extend our hands to those in need, and to exemplify the transformative power of being born-again in Christ. Let us embrace this divine mission with courage and determination, knowing that the fulfillment of our Vision is not only a possibility but a sacred obligation.

Online Christian Bookstore

mobileShalom, an online Christian sanctuary, provides a handpicked selection of enlightening books, captivating audiobooks, and profound Bible studies. These resources, authored by respected pastors, teachers, and those who have overcome life’s challenges, equip you to combat Satan’s deceptions and demonic attacks with God’s Truth revealed in the Bible.

Embrace the unwavering belief that human strength alone cannot secure victory; only God’s Word has the power to prevail in spiritual warfare. Immerse yourself in the radiant embrace of God’s Shalom, a peace that surpasses all earthly understanding, illuminating your path with its exquisite light. Enjoy Shalom in your life and experience spiritual growth through these empowering resources.

Shalom is a Blessing, a manifestation of Divine Grace. 


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