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Powerful Christian Homeschool Curriculums

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mobileShalom’s mission is to provide a variety of Christian Homeschool Curriculums and Electives to teach  Precious Kids Virtues and the Power of God. 

mobileShalom upholds Christian Home Schooling. Family matters and home school online is vital for our precious kids. You as parents teach absolute truth, health, boldness, character strength, finances, sex education, and sexual behavior to your children and most importantly, the Word of God.  Always Put God First in your Family and Enjoy Life through Christ. God promises His Love will abound in your family,

It is never to early to teach Precious Kids about Jesus.

Teach your children Resourcefulness Living, the ability to cope with difficult situations, or unusual problems. God’s Word instills Valor in your Child’s heart and soul in which gives great courage in the face of danger, especially in battle. Christians teach your Children the Power of God!

Christian home schooling has a very important place in all areas of life. Christian education is a fundamental process of human life and has a very important and effective role. It teaches children to have Strong Morals. Ethics should be included as a homeschool course in using the Power of God. 

Children need to be nurtured with love, truth, honesty, compassion, character, and adhere to Integrity, Christian Morals, Ethical Principles to make the world a better place for them in the future.

Best Christian Homeschool Inspiration For Kids

If we do not teach our children to follow Christian Living, the world will teach them NOT to. Help them overcome nefarious thoughts and deeds. Children have enormous potential to live for God and to become Mighty Christians for their Creator. Children are innocent and have not yet been corrupted by the world’s wickedness. Christian Education Works. Teach Them The Power of God!

 Homeschool Resource Center

World Religions and Cults Online Courses

Answers Education Online affordably brings some of AiG’s best resources to your computer through reading assignments, videos, and quizzes—all designed to equip you as a believer in Christ.

The World Religions and Cults (WRC) online course series will equip you to understand the errors within false religious views and to point their followers to the only hope of salvation—Jesus Christ.

Study engaging topics such as:
The foundation of biblical Christianity
Sharing the gospel with adherents of false religions and cults
The most common counterfeits of Christianity
Moralistic, mythical, and mystic religious systems
Atheistic and humanistic religions 

World Religions and Cults

Abeka Homeschool Preschool Lesson Plans – Ages 2 & 3

Start Young – Instill God’s Power In Your Children
Teach Children Ethics, Faith, Love, and God’s Power for Life’s Journey. If we do not teach our children to follow Jesus Christ, the world will teach them NOT to.

Parents, make the best use of your valuable time by saving yourself hours of preparation with this easy-to-follow guide! It includes 40 weekly lesson plans, with separate versions for 2- and 3-year-olds; suggested daily schedules that use all of the related preschool products; and teaching tips for pacing, oral review, and further enrichment. Approx. 80 pages, spiralbound softcover.

SchoolhouseTeachers has taken the work out of planning your kindergarten homeschool curriculum! Whether you are a brand new homeschooler wondering where to start, a veteran homeschool mom wanting to lighten your planning load, or somewhere in between, the virtual Kindergarten Homeschool Curriculum Box provides all the content you need to experience a fun year of learning with your young student. 

Here is just a sample of the topics your child will explore this year:
Math: counting, recognizing and writing numbers 1-100, basic addition and subtraction, time and calendar skills, comparisons
More topics

Answer In Genesis Homeschool & Curriculum


Answers Education Online brings some of AiG’s best resources to your computer through reading assignments, videos, and discussion forums with instructors and other students—all designed to equip you as a believer in Christ.

Christianbook Homeschool Online CurriculumsWith Homeschool Finder and Homeschool Curriculum Index

Find an affordable Christian homeschool curriculum for grades Prek-12 that is the right fit for your family. Christianbook offers over 45,000 resources, bestselling core curriculums, workbooks, living books, and more.

When our children are born, we wonder what they will live to do. They surely must have a purpose for living, by teaching them the Word of God they will find purpose for their lives. If they do not taught, their life will be depressing and meaningless.

Precious Kids: Children are our future and they need God in their hearts early. Start teaching Jesus at birth. Read Jesus Books, play Jesus songs. Instill the Love of Jesus in their little minds in which travels to their heart.

Powerful Christian Homeschool Curriculum and Electives

 Teach Your Precious Kids In The Way They Shall Grow.

24 Animated New Testament DVD Collection – Animated Bible Stories

A few brief descriptions of the 24 New Testament DVD Collection.  

He Is Risen – The most powerful story of all – from Christ’s heroic death on the cross to the glorious joy of the resurrection on Easter, Many more, The Miracles of Jesus – Treasures in Heaven –  The Parables Of Jesus – The Prodigal Son – Saul of Tarsus – Built Upon the Rock – Jesus, the Son of God – The Kingdom of Heaven – The Lost Is Found – The Greatest is the Least and much more.  Christian Homeschool Elective 

A Kid’s Guide to the Armor of God

The Armor of God is amazing for action we need to take in our spiritual lives. We are fighting a war, and the stakes are higher than they have ever been in human history. Children need to be taught early so they may be able to overcome the wiles of the devil and nefarious influences. 

Our enemy? Not flesh and blood, no human foe—we fight against a much more fearsome force.   Our adversary, Satan the devil, and his host of demons. Their mission and driving purpose: Obliterate the children of God.

Make no mistake: Our spiritual lives and future in God’s Kingdom are on the line. If we lose this war, we lose everything. Our children need to learn early to prepare themselves to overcome a wicked world. Connect your children to be empowered with Jesus and WIN this war.

Book explains:
Scripture reveals who’s behind the world’s traps and snares and how to resist him. God offers all Christians a powerful suit of armor and mighty weapons. The suit includes a belt of truth and helmet of salvation to wear and shield of faith to carry into the battle. When every piece of God’s armor is worn correctly, the enemy is defeated and Christians finish victorious.  Kids Guide to the Armor of God 

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